Caution: Hard Hat Area: Men Working

April 7, 2009

Hard Hat Zone, originally uploaded by Delaware Historical Society.

Day Two- the place is swarming with hard hats and strange smells

Caution:  Hard Hat Area:  Men Working! Those are the signs that greet visitors to the administrative offices of the Delaware Historical Society starting today. Thrown in for us were three hard hats to wear so we had to put them on and model them for you. Pictured (left to right): Ellen Rendle, Andrea Gomez and Connie Cooper, the library director. By the way- plenty of women are working too- just not in the hard hat area!

Pipe Removal

Today the old pipes from the boiler are coming out- 3” wide pipes wrapped with big white stuff- they are taking them out in big chunks and there is a distinct odor. How come these jobs don’t have smells like popcorn or a bakery? That would be fantastic! No- the smells of construction/demolition are more

Caution Tape

along the lines of hot metal, old gunk and who knows what! We’re just glad that the pipes didn’t leak much water onto the floor of the basement- that was our hope and it came to pass- hoorah!

On the library floor the scaffolding reaches near to the ceiling on one side- the side that will one day hold the 19” high x 60’ long mural- the real impetus for this project. We’ve needed a new system for a while- we were getting by, but we understood that this day would be coming. When we were given the beautiful mural (A.N. Wyeth “Apotheosis of the Family”- we’ll get you an image of that when we’ve retained access to it again)- we knew it had to have a state of the art environment- that is why we’re going through this project.

More to come-


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  1. ?? MEN working? give those ladies pink hard hats and double check your headline if you would….

    • If we only had pink hard hats!!! We – the ladies in the picture – only donned the hard hats when we had to go into the construction zone. For 99.5% of the time the sign was accurate and it was men working in the construction zone. 🙂 We’re very excited the library is up and running again.

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