Like Teri says, “Delaware Rocks”

April 20, 2010

Today’s mail came with a sweet hand-written note from Teri in Room 29 in Califormia.  A couple of months ago, Teri wrote to us asking for information on the state of Delaware.  Vicky, the Executive Assistant, answers student letters like Teri’s.  She laughed so hard at this one because Teri explained to her that she chose Delaware because it has great seafood and “juicy history.”  We didn’t know what it meant, but it was funny!  Vicky did her thing and put a package in the mail to Teri.  Today, she got a “thank you,” the first one she can ever remember receiving from a student request. 

It turns out that young Teri has a bright future for a variety of reasons from our vantage point.  She wrote to let us know that she and her friends had made us a picture.  This letter makes us smile as much or more than the “juicy history” remark.  We’re glad to know that someone in California thinks our state rocks!

Rock on! Ellen

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