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Who Are the Making History 11:45 Bloggers?

Andrea Gomez, Education and Program Supervisor

Andrea Gomez, Education and Program Supervisor

I’ve worked for the for the Delaware Historical Society as the Education and Program Supervisor since 2003.  In a nutshell I plan and schedule adult and family programming, develop exhibit inter-actives, and act as co-coordinator for the National History Day in Delaware along with a whole host of other things.  (Things that you’ll be hearing all about as Making History 11:45 progresses.)  I find history fascinating and enjoy talking with people (especially students) – about it.  If I get to dress up in costume while doing it – even better!  I have two undgergraduate degrees from West Chester University (in history and costume design) and just recently finished my master’s degree in history from Temple University.      In my non-work life I love to read (anything about vampires is my newest thing), I play the flute, am married to a very talented musician, really love colonial and swing dancing, and I also have 2 special needs cats – including one with only 3 legs!


Ellen Rendle

Ellen Rendle, Curator of Maps and Photos

For more than twenty years, Ellen Rendle has been the Curator of Maps and Photographs in the library of the Delaware Historical Society.  For the past twelve years, she has enjoyed worked as the state coordinator for National History Day in Delaware.  Far different from her library duties, her work with the NHD program takes her to schools to meet with teachers, students and sometimes even parents.  Ellen has written a few books about her adopted state of Delaware, ranging from pictorial histories to the biography of Judy Johnson, a Negro League baseball player.  When she’s not working, she is outside in her yard gardening or walking or running with her dogs, Milhouse and Sadie.



Antoinette at Windsor

Antoinette Milej, a native Delawarean, is the Curator of Education at the Read House and Gardens for the Delaware Historical Society. She has been working for the Delaware History Museum and the Read House and Gardens since 2004. Antoinette attended Delaware public schools (Red Clay and Christina), and has even had the opportunity to reunite with some of her elementary teachers 20 years later on their field trips with their new 4th grade students. One of her earliest museum experiences was on her 4th grade field trip to Historic New Castle and the Read House and Gardens, she recalls being very intrigued by the walking tour and the paint analysis that was conducted in the Read House during the 1980s, it was then that her love of history in her own back yard began! Antoinette is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a BA in History. She is currently in graduate school at Wilmington University, working to complete her MEd in Elementary Education. As a Curator of Education, Antoinette schedules school field trips, manages K-6th grade educational programming and adult programming at the Read House and Gardens, she manages a museum education staff and conducts outreach programming for the Delaware Historical Society. Antoinette recently began a term as the Education Committee Chair for the Friends of the Furness Railroad District.

Antoinette enjoys travelling, visiting historic homes and gardens, art museums, natural wonders, photography, theatre, film, and music.


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