Making History Goals

Mission Statement: We want to share our love of Delaware history.  We want to engage our community and invite them to participate.  We want to get people excited about Delaware history!

Phase 1 Goals and Objectives:

  • Goal: To re-introduce ourselves in a new, fresh, engaging and personal way.

    Objective: Become familiar with web 2.0 including but not limited to Flickr, WordPress, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Facebook and set up accounts for use in this project.

    Objective: Post images and short biographies of contributing staff members on Making History 11:45 blog.

    • Goal: To help the public understand the every day work (and life) of the Delaware Historical Society and the people who work there.

    Objective: Document the content and process of the jobs we do capturing how history is saved, created, interpreted, made relevant, and available to the public.

    Phase 2 Goals and Objectives:

    • Goal: To expand outreach programming and community engagement with new technologies and audiences.

    Objective: Utilize web 2.0 explored in phase one.

    Objective: Invite colleagues within the historical and museum community to participate by providing feedback.

    Objective: Announce project to members, post on DHS web-site.

    Phase 3 Goals and Objectives

    • Goal: To include a broader community of participation within the Delaware Historical Society and get others involved in capturing the history of this particular time and place.

    Objective: Invite community members to document their own lives at 11:45 and submit images and descriptions for potential inclusion in an exhibition.

    Objective: Open submitted images to voting for inclusion in an exhibition.

    Objective: Display community-curated exhibit in the Willingtown Square gallery documenting images of Delaware life today.


    One comment

    1. Andrea et al,

      Good job. Very interesting. I am glad I have the opportunity to see what you do with your job. If I were not an educator, I would have been out in the field looking for artifacts and facts for someone like you to display. I look forward to reading your updates.

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