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A New Kind of Club….

January 29, 2010

Students Examining Old Image of Their School, originally uploaded by Delaware Historical Society.

I am very excited about a new partnership between the us here at the Delaware Historical Society and middle school students and P.S. DuPont. Together, we have formed a history club. The club was the idea of Kelly Whitaker – an absolutely extraordinary 6th grade teacher! Because P.S. DuPont just switched from an elementary school to a middle school – she thought having a history club would be a great way to build a sense of community, history education…and FUN!

Visiting the Jail Cells
Image by Delaware Historical Society via Flickr
What is it?
Image by Delaware Historical Society via Flickr
Locked Up
Image by Delaware Historical Society via Flickr

We will all be meeting together – students, teachers, parents, and historical society staff members – once a month and learning about a variety of topics. Our first gathering was two weeks ago and we provided a general overview of the historical society. I gave a tour of the museum, students explored some of our artifacts more indepth, and we also shared with them old photographs including daguerreotypes, tintypes, negatives ,etc. (The image above shows students examining old images of their school when it was first constructed!)

We had a great group! For me, it was exciting to hear the students talk about when they visited the museum in 3rd grade or 4th grade for a field trip. I was impressed (and thrilled) by how much they remembered. Most rewarding, was watching the students feel comfortable in the museum and begin to take ownership of it. The museum is – after all – a place for them, their histories, and their stories!

I’m looking forward to our February meeting where we’ll be learning about the Underground Railroad.

Until 11:45 Next, Andrea

Here is a Smile Box Album from our history club!

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Taking the show on the Road!

May 27, 2009

Robert Outreach, originally uploaded by Delaware Historical Society.

As Delaware History Museum educators we sometimes take the show on the road! We try to offer educational outreach programs every Monday and only Monday! (In a past life I was known to schedule outreaches on other days of the week, but I have since been reborn to follow this strict policy! So, dear reader, if you are a teacher and you are gearing to call me and ask for a Friday afternoon outreach- I will need to check with my supervisor first! ).

It is exciting to hit the road and visit schools, most often we end up driving on DuPont Highway, Route 13, thanks to T. Coleman DuPont:

It is eye opening for our museum education staff, who live and spend most of our time in New Castle County to get into Kent and Sussex Counties where we get to see the places where Delaware history happened. On our trip to Hartly we drove by Everett’s Corner- near Kenton, Delaware- where Cheney Clow a Loyalist/ Tory began his rebellion and built his fort during the American Revolution: In Seaford we were enticed by the Seaford Historical Society’s Ross Mansion, but we did not have the time to stop- don’t worry Seaford we will be back someday soon!

On these long car rides we realize the dedication of teachers and brave chaperones, who ride in packed buses, brimming with noisy 4th graders, to visit our museum and participate in a day full of educational programs and activities, year after year.

On May 18th we ventured to Seaford, me (Ms. Antoinette), Mr. Rob (pictured above), who is a dedicated Museum Educator for the past three years, and Ms. Barbara our very special volunteer and creator of the Caesar Rodney’s Midnight Ride narrated play outreach program that we each conducted this day.

We are looking forward to a Delaware Historical Society outreach vehicle in the near future! At present we settle for my personal vehicle, which can comfortably seat 4, but we have been known to squeeze someone in the middle of the back seat, just so that we can come to your school!

For more images from this outreach visit to Central Elementary School, visit us on Flickr at: